Convenient iTunes library backup
Tune Backup provides a easy-to-use backup solution for your iTunes library. Simply tell Tune Backup where your iTunes Library.xml file is, where you would like your backed up files to go, and click the sync button.

Your library will be incrementally synced. This means that if you sync your library in morning, add a song later in the day, and sync again at night, only the new file will be copied.


  • iTunes 7.1 or higher
  • Mac OS X 10.4 or greater

Download Tune Backup application (version: 1.0)

Download Tune Backup source (version 0.9)


Tune Backup 1.0 now includes a status message indicating what file is currently being backed up.

Tune Backup is a Java based application. It was created by and is maintained by Gabe Albert. This application uses the H2 database.

TUNE BACKUP IS LICENSED UNDER THE GNU GPL LICENSE. By downloading the source, you agree to use the source in accordance with the license under which it is provided.

Current Issues
It is recommended that you use iTunes 7.1 or higher, because there seems to be an issue with earlier versions not keeping the iTunes Library.xml file up-to-date.

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